Sinergy and know-how for décor paper impregnation and coating along with lamination for the production of laminated panels


Sharing ambition and know-how to grant the best technology on the market

ALLIANCE Decor Technologies combines the experiences of 5 renowned Italian companies to offer the complete package from impregnation and coating of décor papers along with lamination for the wood-based panel industry.  

Our mean intention is to propose integrated quality products and services to satisfy each and every need of the market. This stable partnership grants relevant industrial synergies as well as the employment of a great heritage of each branch.

Industrial synergies

Core competences at all stages of the process offer great benefits to customers. Our synergistic and dynamic approach ensures attention to budgets and to the quality of the final result. The presence of ALLIANCE Decor Technologies embraces the production cycle from resin production, storage, its mixing with proper additives applied afterwards, in the subsequent impregnation and coating plants completed with air purifying and solvent recovery systems to end then, in the presses for engineered wood panels.  Each of the companies, leader in the specific sectors, contributes with its decades of experience, to convert it into value-added solutions for any request of the market.


Air purifying plants dedicating particular attention to issues deriving from gaseous emission containing Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C.).

Production and distribution of melamine resins in powder form and additives for paper impregnation and board production.

Plants for resin production, storage and mixing.

Press lines for the fast lamination of wood-based panels either with phenol or melamine impregnated papers. Press lines for the production of chipboards, MDF, OSB, HDF, plywood and sandwich panels.

Impregnating and coating plants offering constructive and customized solutions.


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